Covid Crisis Worsens Again; Masks Are Back

From a statement made by Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg dated Thursday, August 12, 2021:

Mercy is operating at near capacity with significantly strained resources. While we continue to balance outpatient surgical cases with our normal acute practices, the dramatic increase in COVID rates at the community level, has translated into an enormous rise in Emergency Department utilization, and a high volume of infected unvaccinated patients being admitted to the hospital for intensive treatment.

Right now, Mercy has 43 total COVID patients spread across multiple units in the hospital. 11 of those are being managed in our Intensive Care Unit, and 8 of them are being actively sustained by invasive mechanical airway support. As the need for ventilator equipment increases, and the staffing pool is further stretched and depleted, Mercy’s Life Care Team will be trepedatiously considering the implementation of Crisis Standards of Care. This is when, in public health emergencies and viral pandemics, hospitals are pushed beyond their normal operating standards and are forced to make difficult triaging and allocation decisions. In practical terms, if the trend does not improve, the Life Care Team might be confronted with the painful task of prioritizing treatment, according to who would medically benefit the most from the care being provided. This would be predicated on recognized, evidenced-based guidelines. We desperately hope to avoid this possibility, and so our plea to the community is simple. Please wear a mask, exercise an abundance of caution, and be vaccinated for the good of your neighbor and the welfare of the public.

The members of the Board understand that this ongoing Covid crisis is really getting old, and we’re all weary of the restrictions. But we’ve decided we must, for the benefit of all, go back to requiring masks at all times in our Park buildings and gathering places. Therefore, starting today, Friday the 13th, we’re all going to have to wear that mask again, and we’re going to have to do it until further notice. Let’s hope it’s not long.


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13 Responses to Covid Crisis Worsens Again; Masks Are Back

  1. Jimmy smith says:

    I know of three people in the park with covid. But due to park policy I am not allowed to mention names. It’s not aids, it’s covid, and don’t you think all members should know which of their good neighbors are suffering and carrying the virus?

  2. Nick Palmer says:

    I agree Jim.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes Jimmy I also agree it’s only fair that people around no who’s carrying covid, so we can all keep our social distance and take care of our own health. It’s always wise to be in the know.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Jimmy and Nick. Several folks have chosen not to get vaccinated, some have health issue that prevent them from getting vaccinated. The remaining folks just choose not to. That’s irresponsible and self serving given the elderly population in our community. Curious Jimmy…were the infected folks currently with COVID vaccinated?

  5. Sharon Elliott says:

    I certainly would yet the privacy of our residents must be respected.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It seems to me it would be good to identify those that have Covid. If you don’t see your neighbor for a few days you might not want to just go to their door if they have Covid. If it’s known we could find ways help them without risking exposure. There should be no shame in telling everyone so we can pray for them and offer help to get them well.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I agree completely that the covid victims should let the rest of us know who they are so we can help but also stay safe.

  8. Jackie Jones. Lot #102 says:

    I totally agree we should all know who these people are so we can social distance. I would also like to know if these people were vaccinated. Please share who they are so the rest of us can stay safe and healthy.

  9. Fred says:

    The anti values have the legal right to kill you with no repercussions. It they used a weapon, they would at least be held responsible.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I strongly disagree with your mask mandate. For the last year plus we have heard wear your mask it will protect you then we are told the mask won’t protect you. Wear an N95 mask, no don’t wear N95, wear 2 regular mask and then get vaccinated and you won’t have to wear a mask. We get vaccinated and we still are told oh you must wear a mask.
    There are many people that have health problems that are made worse when wearing a mask . There many that want off this Merry go round. We see those that walk around wearing mask, those that drive alone with a mask and those that don’t wear them at all. It should be their decision.

  11. Dana says:

    Maybe the park should just put quarantine signs in the yards of the parties who may have been exposed or infected. That way your not announcing their names and it makes people aware not to go on their lots.

  12. Donna Dee says:

    “However, we can no longer tolerate comments from annonymous sources. If you feel strongly enough to comment, be strong enough to identify yourself. ”

    I see five anonymous posts…..

    I am not a resident of the park, but am a site holder. I strongly believe everyone needs to take necessary precautions to get through to the other side of the virus’. Wearing a mask is not difficult and I will gladly follow the rules. Why would anyone do otherwise? What would be the motivation?

    • Thom Hoch says:

      Donna, those comments were done prior to the “no annonymous comments” policy. Also, all comments are moderated and the web admins should identify commenters prior to approving the comment. Thanks for your comments

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