Cancer Support Group Starting Up at Timber Valley

There are many people in the park who have been faced with CANCER – either their own or perhaps their partner’s or child’s. The journey is a challenging one under the best of circumstances so Shirley Smedley and Jill Goldman are organizing a Cancer Support Group.

Whether you are currently facing the challenge or have a history to share – you will make a difference. Please join us Friday, August 6th at 10am at Site #9 on Creekside (Shirley & Ken Smedley) for our first meeting when we will develop a plan for when, where and how. Hope to see you there. Questions – Jill #42 (815-218-6178 / or Shirley #9 (805-298-2487)


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7 Responses to Cancer Support Group Starting Up at Timber Valley

  1. Kate Bright says:

    What a wonderful service you are providing! Thank you.

  2. Fred Prout says:

    I don’t think I can make this time but please keep me informed of future meetings.

  3. Jean Knapper #116 says:

    We can’t get down to the park for a while (radiation) but please keep me informed.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Jean. Please stay in touch.

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