Sutherlin Water Restrictions Relaxed

For the past week or so, City of Sutherlin has asked us to reduce our water usage while they did some repairs to a water treatment plant.  Timber Valley really did our part.  For the last week we were able to reduce our water usage by 25% or more.  We believe a good portion of that reduction was from reduced irrigation around the Park.

Now that the repairs have been made, the restrictions have been reduced.  Because we’re in the worst drought in recorded history, they are still asking everyone to voluntarily keep water use to a minimum.  So, for example, while you can wash your cars and rigs again, just be smart about it.  Use a self-closing nozzle and maybe extend the time between washings.  And, perhaps, some of your plantings could get by just fine with a reduced watering schedule. Thanks Everyone.

Sutherlin Water Advice

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