Lone Star Corral SKP Park near Hondo Texas Severely Damaged by Storm

Lone Star Corral SKP Co-op Park in D’Hanis, TX near Hondo, sustained severe damage on April 28, 2021 from a storm with 80 – 100 mph winds and softball size hail. Nothing was spared from these flying cannonballs leaving behind holes, huge dents, broken glass, damaged roofs and siding.

Kay Markle, Board president for Lone Star Corral, reports that 90 % of RVs and motor vehicles have already been declared total losses. All the windows on the north side of the clubhouse were broken and the roof and siding sustained significant damage as well. Many have lost everything. Some members have resources and family support to help, while others have limited to no resources or support … a future yet to be determined. Kay reports that the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Catholic Services, neighboring businesses and people have come forward with some help. One of the first orders in clean up was to clean out the glass and board up windows in the clubhouse. It is the central hub for the response, gathering for emotional and psychological healing, and providing a place to receive donated hot meals and needed supplies. “We’re taking it one day at a time…one step at a time”, she states.

Everything has been damaged and there’s uncertainty how much insurance will cover for damaged Park structures and cleanup costs. Currently at a cost of $425 per load, dumpster full, after dumpster full, after dumpster full leaves the Park. Kay stated, “We are bleeding money”.

Kay told me that the best help people can give for individual members is to donate VISA or Walmart gift cards to buy food and needed supplies, rather than sending checks. D’Hanis is a tiny rural community and Walmart is their closest shopping resource. Beyond that is San Antonio.

What can Timber Valley members and the Park do to help our fellow Escapees?

1. Send VISA or Walmart gift cards (no checks please) to:

Lone Star Corral SKP Park
Attn: Kay Markle
131 Private Rd
Hondo TX 78861

2. Discussion at tomorrow’s open Board meeting, May 20 – it’s on the agenda.
3. Discussion at the next Jacks & Jills meeting on May 24, 2021.

Click on links below to view news stories about the storm damage at Lone Star Corral:
storm video1     storm video2

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2 Responses to Lone Star Corral SKP Park near Hondo Texas Severely Damaged by Storm

  1. Fred says:

    Rita and I stayed in that park a few years ago.People super friendly.What a terrible thing to happen.

  2. Suzanne & John Budovec #123 says:

    Thanks Dar for the info on this terribly tragic situation. We’re so thankful that our park is able to come to their aid. We have sent a card & a small WM donation to The Lone Star Corral & sure that other Timber Valley SKPs will do the same.
    May God Bless them in their time of need.

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