“He will be missed”. Jerdis Ray Larson will be missed not only by family but by his many friends in Timber Valley R.V.  Park.  Jerdis and Joan moved into Timber Valley in 1991 after retiring and beginning to travel full-time in 1986.  Jerdis and Joan were married 64 years; he was a Navy veteran. Jerdis passed away peacefully from a heart condition on April 7, 2021 at 88 years of age.

Jerdis, Joan and their three daughters, Kay, Donna and Jennifer, lived in Santa Cruz, CA and often spent the summers in a cabin in the wilderness area of Idaho. Jerdis was a carpenter and taught his daughters to do home repairs and build many things. His daughter Donna said, “You didn’t know how valuable Dad’s advice was until you couldn’t get it.”  Kay, who came from North Carolina to see her father and be with her mother, quietly said, “We’ll miss him.”

Jerdis was known in Timber Valley for the beautiful wooden hand-crafted Pegs and Jokers sets that he made.  He was an avid game player and never missed a bingo night where he helped Joan do the calling and frequently won. As Joan said, “He partnered with me.” Most of us knew him as a quiet, gentlemanly, friendly man.

Jerdis was preceded in death by his daughter, Jennifer Martin, and is survived by daughters, Kay Smith and Donna Larson, by 6 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. Joan will continue to live in Timber Valley where she has many friends and will frequently visit family.


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  1. Jimmy smith says:

    Blessings to you Joan in this coming time. I too will miss that quiet friendly man. As you neighbor and friends Julianne and I stand ready to lend our hands to your needs.

  2. Kathy Perry says:

    We are so sorry for his loss. He was a special man.

  3. Fred says:

    Joan I am so sorry. We all loved Jerdis. He will be missed by all.

  4. Jean Knapper Lot 116 says:

    I’m shocked. We used to chat about American Eskimo Dogs when he would see me walking Whiskey and Guinness. So sorry, Joan.

  5. Gwen says:

    Joanie, very sad for your losing Jerdis. We will miss him too. If you need anything…..Dale and I are here for you. Love and hugs.

  6. Gene & Nancy Hergenreder says:

    Joan, we are so sorry for your lost. He was a wonderful man and will be missed. We will miss him when we get to play Bingo again.

  7. Billie & Howie Treese says:

    So sorry Joan for the loss of your wonderful husband. Howard and I always enjoyed playing Bingo with him and you being our caller. We gave up our lot this year and will miss so many of you. If you are ever down Yuma area, please drop by. Again our condolences.
    Howie and Billie

  8. Skip & Sue says:

    Jerdis will be missed so much by so many. Sharing good memories here… the times we would run into you at the Casino, the times we had dinner together, walking the dogs and watching them run to each other (never did get a picture of that like Jerdis mentioned) and who can forget those Taco Tuesday lunches. He was well know for making the best peanut brittle at Christmas time! He was a gentle man who gave so much to our community. Joan you and your family have our deepest sympathy. We are here for you.
    Skip & Sue

  9. Anonymous says:

    Joan we are so sorry to hear about Jerdis. He was a wonderful man and helper when ever needed. His special smile will be greatly missed. Bingo will miss his special help to Joan. If you need us we will be there for you.
    Helen and Gene

  10. Veanna Fletcher says:

    Jerdis will be missed by many in the park. His kind gentle demeanor always put one at ease. Bingo will never be the same, Jerdis was one of the luckiest people we have met and when he got on a winning streak, look out.
    Layton & Veanna

  11. Rick De Young says:

    Joan, I am so glad to hear that you will continue living here in Timber Valley. I am sure that is what Jerdis would have wanted as you and he have been such an integral part of the success of both Timber Valley and of our Chapter 9.
    Through your years of service, you and he have and deserve our love and respect. Please feel free to request me, or any of us nearby guys, for whatever help you may require without Jerdis’ help. It is a good way for us to share our respect and appreciation for him. It also wil allow us to show you how much we love and appreciate you.

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