Our Park’s Electric Policy


March 5, 2021  

From Park Manager and PCM Committee  

In looking to the future utility needs of the park, we are undergoing a survey of  our current electrical status. On Thursday, February 18, 2021, volunteers conducted an inspection of all electrical pedestals within the park, checking  voltage on each outlet and noting any maintenance issues. The second phase of this project will involve taking the pedestals apart, tightening all connections and replacing any broken or faulty parts.  

We were very distressed to find so many lots to be “out of compliance” with park  standards. The Rules and Regulations established by the Board of Directors are  given out to all members upon acceptance of their lot. Those Rules and  Regulations clearly state that changes of any kind to the electrical pedestal is not permitted. This includes; “hard wiring” circuits to supply power to the sheds, and installing circuit breaker boxes to the shed.

Any member found to be “out of compliance” with park standards will be put on notice. It will be up to the Board of Directors and Park Manager to decide how to  proceed; however, the “spider webs” are a fire hazard and must be removed.  

While we all want to be able to run all the electrical appliances we have in our  rigs, making the above mentioned changes yourself or having a well-meaning friend or even a licensed electrician do it is not acceptable. Our park is old and  the electrical system was never designed to accommodate today’s modern rigs.  Our hope is to update the system so all members will have adequate power. 

Summer will be upon us very soon and we will again face the potential for  power outages due to the use of air conditioners, so please remember to use  only one air conditioner at a time. 

The problem: 

Current Rules and Regulations:  

“Any modification by a Member or their agent of an electric service pedestal, it’s  circuit breakers, and connection on any leasehold lots are prohibited. No  additional outlets or circuit breakers shall be installed in the pedestal.”  

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6 Responses to Our Park’s Electric Policy

  1. Fred says:

    Absolutely shocking!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Several years ago John Fry and some PCM members went thru the Park and aledgally tighten up the electrical connections in the pedestals . At that time he was asked if they were tightened to the factory specifications of which he answered that they were tightened to what ever his wrist decided, no specs . They also forgot to plug the power to one or more sheds resulting in a loss of frozen food which the park had to pay for. What can we expect this time.

  3. Rick De Young says:

    The negative tone and threats contained in this email are inappropriate and very unappreciated. We present residents are doing the best that we can with what we have inherited, and we like to feel that, “we are all in this together.” Our recently departed super volunteer, Gene Fisher, would indeed be saddened by this posting.
    How about withdrawing the threats and finding a group of residents who want to solve the problem, rather than sending out nasty warnings like this?

  4. Sue says:

    We have lost sight of the fact that we are an RV park! Keeping checks on the lots and the use of electricity is very important. I don’t feel that there were any threats being made in the notice from PCM, the park manager or the Board. Safety should be our main concern. Overloading of circuits is a fire hazard. Use common sense folks for everyone’s safety.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Curious to why Park Operation Issues are posted for the world to see and reply to are posted here. Things like this need to be on the for members only page not for public view.

    • Thom Hoch says:

      A legitimate point. The website team will strive to do a better job of anticipating member reactions in the future.

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