Lost Dogs

By Kathy Perry

Several years ago, I had gone to the carpet store to pick up a remnant for a project.

I went inside and picked the one I wanted. The salesman said he would take it to the car for me.

I told him to be sure and not let the dogs out. Shortly he came back in and said…….there were no dogs in the car. I responded, yes, there are two. A black and white one and a cream colored one both Shih Tzus. He said no, there were no dogs in the car.

Of course, I panicked. Went to the car to find my driver’s side window down and no dogs 

in the car.

There was a horse event next door at the fairgrounds and Hwy 199 right in front of the store. I panicked, my babies were going to get killed on the road or by a horse.

So we called and called. Katie, Shadow where are you. Come on, come to mama. The salesman went one way around the building and I went the other. The clerk in the store was going thru the warehouse. We were all calling the dogs. Needless to say, I was in a panic.

After a while we finally gave up, there were nowhere to be found. I left my contact information with the carpet store and they would call me if they returned. I reluctantly went home so upset. Just before I got home, I realized…………..yep……I didn’t take them with me. I was so embarrassed. ……I really didn’t want to tell the carpet people.

So I called and spoke to the salesman and told him the dogs had been at home the whole time. He said to me that he was going to ask me that at the time, but thought I might have been insulted by the question.

So, that’s just one of my little adventures with an aging mind.

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3 Responses to Lost Dogs

  1. Fred says:

    I can just imagine how you felt. That terrible feeling that flips your stomach upside down. As bad as it was for you, those poor dogs getting lost not knowing where they were.
    Fortunately you had what they call a senior moment. Or your brain was passing gas. You also made a great story for the people in the store. If you listen closely, you can hear them still laughing.

  2. Judy Garcia says:

    I loved this story. ❤️

  3. jackie Deal says:

    I laughed out loud! Absolutely priceless! Jackie

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