Poetry Corner — Autism

a poem by Ruby Bonham Lot #127

A young boy stands by the window
Lost in a world only he can know.
His hand flaps in rhythm to an inner beat
His eyes unfocused, his song incomplete.

Where will life take this extraordinary boy
Whose actions often disturb and annoy
No way to tell us of his innermost fears
He struggles and silently flow his tears.

Society shuns him when he doesn’t comply
His human worth they seek to deny.
They fail to see the beauty within
That needs expression, a place to begin.

This child of God was created just so
For a special purpose that we might know
Compassion for one different from the rest
His song is ours and we are blessed.

So I strive with each passing day
To open the door that keeps him hidden away
To bridge the gap between his world and mine
I enter his world and touch the divine.

Ruby Bonham

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5 Responses to Poetry Corner — Autism

  1. Dar Hoch says:

    How beautifully this describes those that live in an autistic world and for those who love them and work so hard to help them through life. Our 5 yr old nephew is autistic. It is a daily struggle for him and all who try to help him navigate this world. He is fortunate to have wonderful parents, siblings, and a support system. Thanks Ruby!

  2. Fred says:

    Ruby that is absolutely touching. People sometimes just cannot accept “different ” and it is their loss.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Very touching

  4. Rick De Young says:

    It’s a beautiful poem, Ruby, and does a great job of describing the tough life those with autism face. I am sure it will help many of us the next time we encounter or even see an autistic child. Thanks for raising out thinking above the day to day trivial problems that we encour=nter.
    Rick De Young

  5. Jackie Jones 102 says:

    Ruby that is so moving. So honestly true.

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