Jayne Hickman passed away Dec. 18, 2020 after a 17 month illness. Jayne and Les moved into the park in 2017 and Les says that he met “wonderful people” here in Timber Valley who helped him care for Jayne in her final months. Jayne was born in New Orleans and Les in New Mexico; they RVed the United States for almost 15 years. They heard about the Northwest from a Park Ranger in New Mexico who said she looked forward to retiring here. At that point their travels hadn’t taken them to the Northwest so they decided to try it and they liked the area. They lived in Green (Roseburg) and waited three years to get into the park.

Les says he has a son in Vermont but he knows he “doesn’t like snow and cold” so his current plans are to stay here. His friends and all of Timber Valley wish him well in the coming years.

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  1. Larry Hultin and Faith Hardin says:

    We will miss her. We did not have a lot of time with her before she left us, but enjoyed the time we did have, God bless her and keep her
    Larry & Faith, sp 37

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