Merry Covid Christmas at Timber Valley 2020.

Twas a bit before Christmas and all through the Park,
SKPs were preparing goodies (at home) including chocolate bark.

Covid could not dampen their spirit, SKPs would not bend
They’d not consider abandoning others and especially a friend.

Santa, being high risk, refused to fly putting the reindeer out of work,
so TV members accepted the ruminants duties ergo correcting the quirk.

Christmas dinner was canceled due to the governors rules,
So the Hilty’s volunteered to use their food preparation tools.

Mike and Terry will fire up the oven baking enchiladas and cooking rice,
Members may collect meals on Christmas eve for a very small price.

Members continue to buy toys for firemen to give away,
This year is no different with the supply growing day by day.

Ladies helped the Lions with trees being given to families in need
By wrapping boxes and filling them with trimmings to the top indeed.

The tree in the Clubhouse has been trimmed and looks ablaze,
Tinsel, balls, lights carefully placed by Jacks & Jills to amaze.

The Covid Grinch is nasty so we wear masks and stay indoor.
Next year the holidays will be celebrated with jubilation for sure.

We’ll have the vaccinations which will help us be immune,
and 2021 will revive meetings, fun and ability to commune.

I close this ode with hope and prayers to you all at this time
Mainly because I’ve run out of words that rhyme.

Sharon Elliott

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4 Responses to Merry Covid Christmas at Timber Valley 2020.

  1. Fred says:

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

  2. Joan Larson says:

    Oh how glad you’re here to bring us such cheer!

  3. Jacquelyn Deal says:

    Wonderful, Sharon! And in rhyme yet! Keep it up. How about “The Day After Christmas?” and then, of course, “New Years”. ‘Love it.

  4. Suzanne & John Budovec #123 says:

    Great! Thank you & Merry Christmas! Please keep safe and stay well & warm.

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