Wednesday’s Statistics

Wednesday, this past Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020, there were 100,000 new, NEW, corona virus cases diagnosed in the United States!  In one day! Wait a minute, that’s rounded off:  actually there were 107,872 NEWLY diagnosed cases!! (According to “Market Watch” on Yahoo Finance) Doesn’t mean much, does it?  Okay, let’s get real.  Kill off the population of Medford and Ashland (allow about 4,000 people to escape) and you have the newly diagnosed corona virus cases in the U.S in one day.  (The total population of Medford and Ashland in 2018 census was 103,547.)

Moral of the story:  Wear Your Face Covering, Wash Your Hands. Let me try to summarize the final precaution:  avoid strange people and strange settings, especially crowds. And those of us in the susceptible age (isn’t that all of us?) stay healthy, do get some exercise.  

With winter’s cold gray days coming on, watch out for SAD.  SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder.  It mean when the weather gets gloomy, we get gloomy. Gloomy as in depressed.  Ah, who cares?  Why wear a face mask. Life’s not worth living anyway.

Turn on the lights.  Open the curtains.  Put on some music.  Turn off miserable negative TV.  Call a friend.  Start a new hobby. Count your blessings; we live in a beautiful, serene, secure (I won’t say safe) park with nature and friends all around. Count your blessings!

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