By Jackie Deal

Numbers! Big numbers make my eyes glaze over; how about you? Anything over two zeros is just so much blah, blah, blah. Let’s see if we can make the recent Covid numbers come alive. (Current Oregon Covid cases=41,719.) Using the 2018 census let’s try it.

Start with Sutherlin, dear little Sutherlin. Take every man, woman and child in Sutherlin–everyone! Line them up on Interstate 5; come on that means you too. Line up toward the South, everybody. Then take every man, woman and child in Roseburg—every last one of ‘em. Line them up on the freeway. They’d probably meet the Sutherlin folks and spread a bit south, don’t you think?

Now down to Winston: take every man, woman and child and line them up on Interstate 5 stretching north to meet the Roseburg folks. Just imagine all those bodies out on Interstate 5! No cars, just men, women and children from Winston through Roseburg to Sutherlin.

Now take a crop duster loaded with Covid 19 virus and spray every last person on that freeway. Get everybody infected. That’s the number of diagnosed Covid cases in Oregon on October 24 th , 2020.

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3 Responses to NUMBERS

  1. Fred says:

    Jackie, well said.And yet people will read similar words and say “I ain’t wearing no freaking mask”What number will it take for us to learn?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jackie what a committed member you are. I always enjoy your commentaries. We like you plan to enjoy our winter her.

  3. Jacquelyn Deal says:

    Thanks, Fred, the grapevine has it that you are going to be heading up an Alumni group for Timber Valley. I think that’s a fantastic idea. Go for it! Jackie

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