Gnome Gold Mine in Timber Valley SKP Park

The founders of the Timber Valley SKP park were wise with great foresight. It was said at the time that this property was a gold mine. They were correct!! We are positioned on a gold mine.

OH Sure Sharon, we know you. You are peddling FAKE NEWS.

Well let me tell you the story. In a recent website article written by Jackie Deal, exercise is necessary in order to assist our immune systems. My friend and neighbor Judy Leonard have taken Jackie’s advice seriously and we walk in the mornings. For weeks we looked at a lovely tree that is beautifully shaped but had big gouge at the base. The hole resembled a half shell or an alcove. We just knew the empty space was ideal for “something”.

Sure enough one morning a gnome appeared all by itself but soon another one joined him and eventually the population grew to three. The gnomes soon felt comfortable enough to bring their beasts of burden to the surface. The creatures appear like lovely colored lady bugs and we are sure these helpers perform the gold mining for the gnomes. As time went by the dirt floor of the gnome abode was replaced by a thick luxurious rug of green moss. Next the gnomes added a well placed log for safety and then draped Oregon Spanish Moss with hanging tendrils across their ceiling to make the entire area a secure, comfortable nest. In addition the door to the mine was exposed . Now how do we know this is a gold mine. Well it is quite obvious as there are piles of gold decorating the moss.

Judy, Jackie and I challenge you to stimulate your immune system by walking around this wonderful place, finding the gold mine and enjoying the wonders it has to share.

When you find it, enjoy this little happy, fun and pretty artistic fantasy project. We appreciate all that participated with the names not mentioned in order to protect the location. Seek and yee shall find.

The Gnomes awoke the Fairies and they constructed a village across the street from the gold mine.

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5 Responses to Gnome Gold Mine in Timber Valley SKP Park

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is so cute. The game is on to find the gold mine and the fairies. Rockey

  2. Marc says:

    Fantastic idea!

  3. Jackie Deal says:

    Com on, Sharon, I don’t know where the gold mine is. Give me a hint! Jackie Deal

  4. Dar Hoch says:

    I have seen it! Very creative and a perfect setting. I love how this story evolved. Thanks Sharon!

  5. Sue Eytalis says:

    Found it a couple weeks ago. Thanks for sharing.

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