Park’s New Exit Sign is a Big Hit

By now, most of us have seen and admired the new exit sign visible to those leaving the Park. I asked Dennis Hellawell (#66) to explain how this great new addition came about.  He, and the entire Communications Committee, deserve a big pat on the back.  Here’s the story from Dennis…

Our old Timber Valley exit sign was falling apart and in desperate need of replacement. Being on the Communications Committee I floated the idea of maybe coming up with a more contemporary, artistic look. I have a background in art, photography and computer design so I came up with this idea. It is not entirely original though. I searched the internet for graphic resources that were not copyright protected. I found many and decided on an illustration for the foreground and a photograph for the sky. I combined them on the computer and changed the colors and added the type.

The Communications Committee approved the idea and the high resolution computer file was printed at Umpqua Graphics in Roseburg. It’s basically like a large color print on a printer that can print as much as 4’ high by as long as you want. Then they laminated the print onto a strong vinyl backing and then mounted that onto a piece of polymetal, the same material we used for the background on the member photo board in the clubhouse. Much to my amazement, Umpqua Graphics only charged us $178 for the finished product and delivered it for free to the office. I dropped off the artwork to them on a Friday and they delivered it to us the following Monday. Please spread the word of this great company if you have the opportunity. Thank you to Jim Mcintosh who turned me on to Umpqua Graphics.

These are the two images referred to above. They are combined to make the image on the sign.



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6 Responses to Park’s New Exit Sign is a Big Hit

  1. Joy Buzalsky says:

    It’s beautiful and nice to see every time I drive out. Thank you all that made this possible.

  2. Gwen D Prohaska says:

    Thanks Dennis and the Communications Committee. It’s great!

  3. Kathy Perry says:

    Dennis, you brighten our day as we leave the park. Bring gs a smile to my heart.

  4. Howard & Billie Treese Lot #136 says:

    Beautiful sign. Haven’t seen it in person but hope to in a few weeks.

  5. Carolyn Pennington says:

    Thanks Dennis, the new sign is awesome!

  6. Suzi Rupert says:

    Nicely Done!!!

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