In Memorium, Rita Prout

Courageous, caring, loving: Rita Prout was all of these and more. Though legally blind she completed a music degree and taught music. She co-directed a Community Theater. In Timber Valley she served on many committees, including Welcome Committee and the Library Committee. Commendable for a sighted people but requiring a high degree of courage and confidence for a sight- impaired person. Many did not realize she was blind, because she was so active and competent.

Rita was born in England and came to the United States as a ten year old. Her delightful English accent colored her speech many years later. She and Fred met when they co-directed at the Community Theater. They soon found out they had many things in common. They lived in Connecticut and Florida for a time and when they retired they bought a motor home and the road became their home; they visited 46 states after 1999.

Fred recalls when they Rv’d no traveler was ever alone for the Holidays. Rita would invite them in and Fred says “You were suddenly with us.” They stopped at Timber Valley for a week the first time and then increased their stays until they moved into Timber Valley permanently.

Rita’s eyesight was “way beyond the chart”, Fred says but she was finally fitted with glasses that improved her vision somewhat. Her genetic disorder predisposed her to cancer and she began chemotherapy treatments last January. The first treatments were horrible but with adjusted dosages she was able to tolerate them for a time. The Tuesday before she died Fred and Rita decided that she would terminate the treatments. They found that her doctor had reached the same conclusion. The doctor said she would be “uncomfortable” for 3-4 months and then feel good for several weeks.

His predictions did not come true. Rita died within one week on Tuesday, May 19th. Surviving are her husband, Fred, living at Linus Oaks in Roseburg and two daughters, Pamela in Connecticut and Robin in North Carolina.

Her many friends will miss the lady with the big smile, the beautiful white hair and the generous heart. We hope that her family will find consolation in their many happy memories of her.

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7 Responses to In Memorium, Rita Prout

  1. Fred Prout says:

    Jackie, thanks for such a beautiful write up. Thanks our Timber Valley family for your support. Fred

  2. Eric Bundock says:

    I met Rita & Fred Thanksgiving 2002; my late wife had passed from cancer in Canada at the start of 2002, (and my Border Collie went the day after Thanksgiving).

    My first solo RV trip, and direly in need of emotional support, Rita & Fred were a bulwark and made me feel as if we’d been friends ‘forever’, something that I have never forgotten and will never forget.

    We went our separate ways but kept in contact, primarily at holiday times – my oldest friend, of some 52 years now, when we were separated by continents, (and no e-mail at that time), said “I know you’re out there”.

    I know you’re out there Rita. Sleep well.

  3. Wow, where to begin.
    Sweet Rita, along with her wild and crazy Fred, epitomize what it means to be Escapees– Welcoming, charming, accepting and giving. Big time volunteers in the park, they were always “up” for a challenge and willing to help out when needed, especially on the spur of the moment. What a loss for our community. Jimmy and I extend our warmest hugs to Fred and their daughters …
    You will be remembered and missed dear Rita.

  4. Sandi Schneider says:

    Rita will be missed by all that knew her. Rita and Fred (and Kelley) were our neighbors and friends at Timber Valley and we were thrilled when the joined us at Linus Oakes. Rita always had a smile for everyone and no one was a stranger. She brightened my day and I will miss my dear friend. Sandi (and Nullet) Schneider

  5. Anonymous says:

    You captured her spirit and personality perfectly. She was a very giving and positive lady, and I was honored to have her as a good friend. I will miss her terribly.
    Shirlyn Morris

  6. Rick De Young says:

    It’s really too bad that we wait until our Timber Valley members pass before we tell our neighbors about them! Thanks for furnishing us with all the good information about Rita, Fred and Jackie. It is is a very nice tribute.

  7. John and June Macauley says:

    John and I are so sorry for your loss Fred. Rita was quite a fire cracker!! We have many fond memories of holidays with you and Rita, Janette and Kevin at our Brownsville home.

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