from the desk of Helaine…

Dear Timber Valley Member,

From the Desk of Helaine …

What Now?? What else can possibly happen? Everyday brings news of more cases of Corona Virus, more deaths, more closings, more panic, more shortages. The Corona Virus is a serious disease, particularly for those of our age group. But it is equally important that we use our good sense and not join in the panic and folly of those around us. It was not panic that caused the city of Sutherlin to ask us to sequester ourselves. It was with the knowledge that we are a very self-sustaining group with more than a little wisdom behind our actions. Knowing that we can take care of ourselves frees the city to care for those that are truly needy, at the same time we will be limiting our exposure to the virus. But should we need help from the city they will be there for us.

So what should we be doing? You have already heard it…WASH THOSE HANDS….over and over. Every hour on the hour, every commercial break, what ever works for you. Clean with soap and water and sanitizers. Clean all hard surfaces, door knobs, handles., Finish with a disinfecting spray. Let the spray air dry. The longer it remains on the surface the more it kills. The virus can live up to eighteen hours on hard surfaces.

Here in Timber Valley it is hard to predict just how long this upheaval will last. Looking at the results in China it may be weeks, maybe months. Expect more cancellations both here in the park and across the area. We are safest in our own homes. And a few weeks of social isolation will save lives.

Carry sanitizers and wipes with you. Open doors with a tissue in hand then toss the tissue. Do all you can to avoid being on the receiving end of air born droplets and germs. And keep your hands away from your face.

But we are a social caring group. How can we help when we are stuck at home? Please make sure you are registered with Alert Sense. Then you will receive notices from Timber Valley and Sutherlin. They will see that we have the latest bulletins. Use your phone. Call your neighbors and friends. Make sure they are OK. So far there is not a documented case in the park, but if there was it is hoped that he or she would let it be known so that needed help can be made available. There are ways to help without direct contact. If you are going to the store, call your neighbor and see if you can pick up something for them. Money, lists, purchases can be left on the porch. Want to give your neighbor a meal, call them first, then put it on the porch. This is not being mean, it is being protective of yourself and your neighbor.

Whenever possible avoid crowded situations. Maintain a free zone around you. Ideally six feet. Standing in front of your friend with arms straight out in front, fingertip to fingertip will give you both a free zone of about six feet. As much as possible, someone who has the virus should take care of their own chores, washing their own dishes, doing their own laundry, maintaining the sanitizing of their space. Keeping a safe distance from others. Most who get the virus will not be so sick as to not care for themselves. Stay Safe!

Go to the Web site, for the latest updates and news.

Helaine Hepworth
At the direction of the Board of Directors

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7 Responses to from the desk of Helaine…

  1. Suzanne & John Budovec #123 says:

    Thanks Helaine! Good info to reinforce. Well stated. Take care! Be safe! Stay well!

  2. Jackie Deal says:

    Thank you , Helaine, A sensible, helpful article, forgoing the panic of so many. Fear feeds on fear. So if you’re scared out of your mind…keep it to yourself,don’t spread it. some day we’ll look back on this, maybe with a laugh (remember the year 2000?). Maybe wiser
    and with more caring for our fellow men (women too.) Jackie Deal

  3. Gwen D Prohaska says:

    Thank you for the reminder. It helps every day. Be safe family.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well done, Helaine. Thank you.
    Aida Murphy

  5. Joy Buzalsky says:

    Perhaps it’s time to have Fancy build plexiglass shield on the counter with a pass through window to protect our office people and people coming in.

  6. Sharon Elliott says:

    Very well stated.

  7. Dick Shanahan says:

    Thank you Helaine! Good timing and right on target. Dick

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