What’s Happening with the Park’s Water Usage?

It was just a year ago that we were working on the park’s water system – replacing the water service riser on every lot. That project was completed at the end of April last year. As many of you know, we’ve also been measuring the park’s water usage on a daily basis since before the project started. Now, with more than a year’s worth of data, we can now do some meaningful year over year comparisons.

The graph (below) shows our average daily water usage in gallons for every month since September of 2018. The blue dashed line is the last few months of 2018, before the water project. The red line is 2019. And the green line is 2020. On this graph, February of 2020 is reporting only a partial month.

The last four months of 2019 and January of 2020 are the most interesting on this graph in that we can see and compare this year with last year. What these five months tell us is that our usage is down for every one of those months. In some cases, down substantially.

Take September as an example. In 2018 we used an average of 15,236 gallons of water every day. In 2019, we used an average of only 10,173. That’s more than 5,000 gallons… every day! Clearly, the project to tighten up our water supply system is paying big dividends. At roughly a penny per gallon, saving 5,000 gallons is saving $50 every day… Or $1500 for that month.

So, as the months and years go by, our savings will grow and recover the cost of the project in short order. And, remember, if we hadn’t done the project, the leaks would have continued to get worse and the cost of eventually doing the project at a later date would have grown too.

This graph is always available to our members on our website… on the member’s only page.

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2 Responses to What’s Happening with the Park’s Water Usage?

  1. Ronald G Thomas says:

    Well done.
    This indicates a pay-off on the decision-making of the community. You should be proud of this. 🙂
    I am looking forward to living at this forward-thinking community. Last I checked, I was #134 – so it will be a while!

  2. Steve williams #81 says:

    Thanks to everyone who worked on this project. Great job

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