Emergency Preparedness: Everyone in the Park should have a copy of ‘Prepare! A Resource Guide’

The Emergency Preparedness Committee has been tasked with, among other responsibilities: Develop an emergency information system,” and “Identify and maintain an inventory of human and other resources useful in mitigating threats of disruptions.” 

For those of us who were in the Park during the ‘March Snowmegeddon’ and 4-day power outage, one of our biggest challenges was getting accurate information in a timely fashion.

Within a couple weeks of that event, an Emergency Communication SubGroup was formed under the leadership of Rick De Young (# 184). At its first meeting, eleven emergency communications teams were formed (one for each street in the Park), with volunteer captains and co-captains.  These ‘Team Captains’  (AKA Block Captains) have agreed to be responsible for disseminating (and gathering) information for members and guests on their streets. (For a list of Team Captains, click here.) 

Team Captains or Co-Captains will be contacting each member in the Park to introduce themselves, and to distribute a copy of ‘Prepare! A Resource Guide’ published by the CascadeRegion of the American Red Cross. This 28-page brochure is packed full of information on how each of us can be better prepared for an unexpected emergency. It includes strategies on how to be more self-reliant, including having your own individual Emergency Preparedness Plan.

When Team Captains visit members, they will be asking each member if they have any special skills that might be of help in an emergency–such as do they know first aid or are a ham radio operator. Team Captains will also ask: in the event of an emergency and you are out of the park, do you have equipment or supplies you would be willing to share if needed, such as a generator, propane, or extra fuel.

You, of course, can choose to answer these questions, or not.  It is all voluntary.

These questions are being asked because during  our 4-day power outage the most critical, survival needs were extra generators, gasoline and propane.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your Block Captain or come to the next Emergency Preparedness Committee meeting on Monday, May 20, 9 a.m. in the Clubhouse.

Thank you for your willingness to be a good neighbor and helping support our SKP community.

You can also download a copy of ‘Prepare! A Resource Guide’ by clicking here.

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