Scammers, Spammers, and Fishing Cons

from the writing desk of Helaine…

I answered the phone and the lady started speaking. Nice voice, no accent. And she said…..

“We are calling from Microsoft security team. We have noticed suspicious activities from your network. It seems like someone is trying to steal your identity, username, password, and financial information. You are advised to be in front of your computer and call 1-844-910-6111 as soon as possible otherwise we have to lock your network and discontinue your services. Please be in front of a computer and call at 1-844-910-6111. thank you..”

Well, that’s scary but instead of following directions I did some checking.

If Microsoft was making the call I am pretty sure it would be identified and not show up as unknown. Snopes had many old reports of MS scam at this number

Just entering the number on the Google line brought up many more reports of this number being a scam.

Be smart out there. Do not fall for this or any other suspicious call. Just HANG UP!

Help spread the word and prevent someone from becoming a victim.


ANYONE who calls you and says your computer called/contacted them is a SCAMMER.

Windows Operating System licenses do not expire.

ANY Tech Support Warning pop-ups you get while accessing the internet asking you to call a number or visit a website, is from a SCAMMER.

Web Browsers DO NOT have the ability to determine and warn you your computer has an error. They can only warn you about a potential malicious website. A Browser is software that allows you to surf the Internet, not diagnose a computer or phone.

ANY Tech Support company that insists you need their services because of some error, outdated software or tries to convince you that you need to allow them remote access is a SCAMMER.

Nobody could possibly know if your computer or devices have an issue unless you tell them or gave them access.

Tech Support companies DO NOT call to give out refunds because they are “going out of business”. In fact NO company gives refunds when going out of business unless they did not provide you with what you paid for.

Companies DO NOT call to inform you that your subscription will be charged if you don’t call back, only SCAMMERS do that. If you have a subscription with someone, they automatically charge you until you cancel it.

3rd party Tech services DO NOT include Email account repairing or password resetting, since they can not access the email server unless it belongs to them.

Be careful out there when playing in the internet sandbox.

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4 Responses to Scammers, Spammers, and Fishing Cons

  1. Jean Knapper says:

    Great advice, Helaine. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Rod says:

    Thanks for the reminder. It can be so easy to fall into their trap.

  3. Anonymous says:

    THANKS, Helaine! Good work!

  4. Fred Prout says:

    It is not the internet sandbox. It has become a litter box.

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