How Prepared were You?

How prepared were you for the Snowmagedden that hit Timber Valley last week?

I thought I was prepared. I had a Go Bag packed in the car. I made a trek out to the car to retrieve it. First thing I see is a clever pill box meant to hold eight days of meds, EMPTY, NOW FILLED!  Found the crank radio. A smart purchase, but the battery was never charged, and it takes a whole lot of cranking to get even a little power, I have since fully charged it before putting it back in the bag. Checked the clothes. Adequate. But changing blouses for T shirts. More practical. As the hours and days went on and I had read the 3 fiction books in the house I wished for a good thick novel, or a copy of a favorite book.
A deck of cards and a puzzle book will be good additions to the Go Bag.

What I did right: I had a fully charged device to recharge I phone or I pad. Considering the phone most important I was able to check in with family every day. Sometime back I was given a Coleman head lamp. Battery operated. Worn on the head. Never thought I would use it and I had tucked it away to be passed on. That thing was priceless. It has earned a permanent spot in the Go Bag. My battery operated motion detector lights worked well. My portable radios could work on batteries but they were empty. Not any more, and I have restocked my battery supply. And before you think I forgot, there is a pack of a 72 hour supply of freeze dried food for me and a bag of dog food for Rita. A case of water is also kept in the car.

Mistakes were made and lessons learned. But I will be better prepared if another power outage hits, but please, no more snow.


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2 Responses to How Prepared were You?

  1. Connie Lankford says:

    While I am enjoying the sunshine in Yuma was sure concerned about everyone in Timber Valley. Makes me realize that I would not have been prepared at all if I had been in Sutherlin. Sure glad you are talking about this and I will be very happy to get information when I get back so that I can start a go bag!

  2. Helaine says:

    See you when you get back

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