There are important decisions to make. World shaking decisions, I must decide
what to wear, where to go, when to——whom to——.

Clean the cat’s box, Stupid

Things to do, places to go. The societal demands on my schedule are stupendous.
If I slack off…

Clean the cat’s box, Stupid

Phone calls to make. Messages to return. Events to plan. Meetings await.

Clean the cat’s box, Stupid

Sitting by the window, enjoying the early morning sunshine, coffee cup in hand. A
new day yawns before me awaiting my guidance.

Clean the cat’s box, Stupid

It’s then that I notice. My cat. My beautiful black and white tuxedo cat is circling
the room. She peers into her litter box. Backs off. Then completes a 360 degree
circle in the center of the room. She returns to peer into her litter box again.
Scowls at me in disgust.

Clean the cat’s box, Stupid

The world can wait. My life goes on hold. Priorities have been established.

Clean the cat’s box, Stupid

Jackie Deal

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  1. Fred Prout says:

    Jackie I’m glad you got your priorities straight. The world is a terrible place when your cat scowls at you. Well done.

  2. Peggy R. says:


  3. Sandy D. says:

    Jackie—- Kudos on the “visual” you expressed in your last 2 paragraphs on this epic shared piece!~~~ I could almost sense my nose curling up like a cat’s tail!—- Git’er done!—Sending hugs from CA!

  4. Linda Buie says:

    Perfect beginning to a perfect day: Getting down to essentials. ❤️

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