Tinka opened her eyes and pushed away the blanket of leaves that covered her.  She looked around, testing the temperature.  She stretched lazily as her gossamer wings unfolded and caught a beam of sunlight.  She smelled the rich earth and all the scents and sounds that heralded the start of spring.  Excitement overtook her as she thought of all the new births to come.

“Bela, Bela, wake up!  It’s spring.  Time to get to work,” she trilled.

A pile of leaves shifted and another fairy face appeared.

“Hurry!  Spring is here.” Tinka flitted to the pile of leaves that still partially covered Bela.

Bela yawned.  “Is it spring already?  Seems like we just fell asleep.”  She yawned again and pushed her leaf blanket away.  Standing up, she flexed her wings, shaking off a few bits of leaves.  She hovered in the air as she surveyed their surroundings.  Oftentimes fairies are mistaken for dragonflies by those who do not have magical sight.  Children can still see them but are discouraged by adults who have lost the wonder of childhood.

Tinka and Bela did a happy fairy dance in the air as they looked around.  It was the best time of year and they looked forward to the work they would do to help Mother Earth be renewed.  Tinka and Bela were flower fairies but there were many more who would assist the different plants and animals

“What should we do first?” Bela asked.

Looking around Tinka observed all the flower plants still in their dormant winter state.  They looked sad and dried up.  Tinka knew they had just been asleep like her and Bela.  

“Let’s start with the roses.  They are my very favorite,” Tinka told her.

Tinka had been with this garden for many years.  Bela was still a fairy in training.  Although fairies come into being knowing all about nurturing plants, still there is a lot to learn about placement and interaction with the human realm.  Work must be done in such a way that the humans think they made it all happen themselves.

Tinka flitted over to a brown looking rosebush.  She blew a little fairy dust that settled on the stubby plant.  Tiny leaf buds began to appear in a rich green color.  Bela chose a nearby plant and she too blew fairy dust in its direction.  She coughed as a gently chuckling wind blew some of the dust back on her.  Tiny leaf buds appeared on her arms.

“Oh no!  Tinka, what do I do?” she cried.

Tinka’s wings shimmered with her laughter.  “It’s OK.  It happens to the best of us.”  Sister wind blew gently and moved the leaf buds to a nearby plant.

“Whew,” said Bela.  “I really didn’t want to be part plant.”

Tinka smiled at the young fairy.  “You are doing fine.  Come, we have a lot to do.”

Over the next few days, the two little fairies covered the whole garden with new growth.  It always made Tinka feel good to see the beauty unfolding before them.  Bela worked hard to do her part and no more leaf buds mistakenly landed on her.

Soon all the plants were covered in lush green leaves.  The garden was awakening to a new cycle.   Next the fairies blew fairy dust on the different plants to create flower buds.  This was Tinka’s favorite time, when the many colors would appear from the flower buds.  Reds, blues, yellows, pinks and a myriad of mixed colors began to appear.

Tinka and Bela could feel Earth Mother was pleased with their work.  Soon many humans would walk through the garden, enjoying the sights and smells around them.  Tinka and Bela often played tag with the children who could still see them.  The adults, well, they just enjoyed the sense of peace the garden gave them.

Ruby Bonham, 4-30-2024 

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  1. Peggy R. says:

    What a sweet story, Ruby!
    Now I know why I haven’t yet blown away the last of winter’s leaves, protecting the fairies in their slumber. I will never again use my blower without thinking of the fairies!

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