Board Members Needed!

Each year the Board of Directors directs the Election Committee to recruit candidates for the upcoming three (3) openings on the board.  All  members are encouraged to apply.
We’re looking for  dedicated, talented and conscientious people with leadership skills to lead and strengthen our park.  Some of the requirements include attending regular and special meetings, participating in strategic planning, and serving on committees.  If this is you, submit your resume.  If you think this is your friend or neighbor–talk to them about submitting their resume.  This is an important and rewarding position in our park.  Let’s make this a great and competitive election year!
All resumes must be only one (1) page.  Also submit a recent photo.  Take your resume and photo to the office no later than 5:00 pm on May 10, 2024.
Judi Pambrun, Chair of Elections Committee
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  1. Cindy M Pierce says:

    Also another requirement should be that ALL board members should have to read ALL documents that are submitted to the board. Just saying that would be pretty important in making decisions for our wonderful park.

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