Meet the Office Mascot – Henrietta Hedgehog!

To lighten up the cold, dreary days here at Timber Valley, we want you to meet Henrietta Hedgehog, Timber Valley SKP Park of Oregon’s Office mascot. She is made from pinecones. Henrietta has been a resident of the Office for a few years.

Recently, she has joined in the fun Kim and Kristi have when decorating for the holidays. Her home is the lighted window box.

In February, she adorned a bright pink daisy as a headpiece. This month, for March, she is sporting a very colorful green Shamrock. Stop by the Office to see what her next “fashion statement” will be. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

~ Kim and Kristi
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2 Responses to Meet the Office Mascot – Henrietta Hedgehog!

  1. Sue says:

    That’s the SKP spirit! Looks good!

  2. Suzi Rupert says:

    Glad to see some colorful decorations in the office.

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