By Ruby Bonham

Is humanity progressing or regressing? Technology has had a major impact on the way we perceive things The media stirs the pot, keeping people in an agitated state and prone to violence. Truth and fact finding are ignored in favor of the next great headline.

Were we better off 30 or more years ago before the internet was readily available? We had less TV stations and less global news. The news was reported without personal opinions. None of the anchors bashed others for their opinions or lifestyles. Did murders and theft exist? Yes, but were just reported as facts. Commercials were limited and restricted. TV sitcoms were tasteful, no curse words or nudity. Married couples slept in twin beds, fully clothed. Unrealistic? Yes but they were PG rated. The most violence we saw was in our favorite westerns, with their fist fights and shootouts. No weapons of mass destruction or mass murders were committed.

Human bodies were not covered with colored tattoos. Your hair was your natural color with maybe a little help from Clairol. No one sprayed their hair red, green or blue. Men shaved everyday and combed their hair. Women wore bras, granny panties and clothes that covered. Men wore tailored suites without skinny legs and dress shoes with socks. Kids did not compete with other kids for the most outrageous clothes. Were there exceptions? Yes, but school children did not have access to weapons or kill their teachers or fellow students.

There have always been disagreements between people and countries, sometimes escalating to war. Today there is such discord within countries that the people refuse to work together, not caring the harm they do to their people. Countries are at war, rabid leaders choosing to destroy whole cities and the innocent people within. The rest of the world watches in horror but seem powerless to do anything without starting a global war. How did we get to this place where powerful technology is used to harm instead of make life easier for humanity.

Today we have smart phones, tablets and amazing computers, that make our lives easier. Our electricity, water, gas pumps, cash registers and our very lives are dependent on this technology. What happens when that technology is attacked? We have no backup so are left without the basics we need to survive. Are we better off now than we were 30 plus years ago? The answer is yes and no.

Humanity has progressed in some ways but has regressed in morals and behavior. Can we have the new technological lifestyles without the criminal element? Probably not. There has always been a criminal element in the population but today the percentage is much higher. It has become easy to steal and defraud with the help of this new technology. Will humanity destroy itself or will there be a new awakening? Stay tuned

Ruby Bonham

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One Response to Humanity

  1. Rick De Young says:

    Well written and very thought provoking, Ruby. One flaw I noted was that a couple of question marks were missing. Of more consequence, you haven’t even hinted at the answer to the questions you stated. We have to come up with some answers, and that has to start at a family level, and then expand into our neighborhoods. We, here in Timber Valley, have daily opportunities to discuss the issues you raise, as well as others we all face as senior citizens, and implement solutions. But, it only works when you, and I, and our fellow Timber Valley residents, actually get together, rather than staying in our caves. I hope to see you at our next gathering!

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