Soup on a Cold Day

What could be better on a cold, wintery noon than hot soup, homemade garlic toast, and crunchy oatmeal cookies??  Add in a beautiful travelogue of Italy on the big screen with soft Italian music.  That was this past Wednesday noon in our clubhouse. Did you miss it??

Almost every Wednesday our Chef Denis will be alternating soup and dinner both with music and travelogue presented by Richard Hickethier.  The Wed. before Thanksgiving there will be NO soup since Thanksgiving dinner will be a big hullabaloo. But the Wed. after Thanksgiving (Nov. 29) will be Chicken Adobo, the national dish of the Philipines. (Will Richard find Filipino music and pictures?) This will be a full dinner served at 2 p.m. That’s to get you all home before dark! Soups will be served at 12 noon.

Until further notice, every Wednesday after that, soup and dinner will alternate.  Be sure to put this on your calendar.  Everything is homemade (in our kitchen) and from fresh ingredients.

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