Library Use Procedures

The library committee is excited that all books, movies, CDs, and books on CDs have all been sorted and alphabetized. In order to keep the library in order we need your help.

The library DOES NOT ACCEPT hardcover books, those that have no covers or are torn. Nor do we except VHS or Cassette tapes of any type, puzzles missing pieces or movies that have been scratched or corrupted. Please just throw them out.

Please allow our staff to reshelve all books, movies, books on CDs etc. This will ensure they are restocked properly and therefore easier for you to locate your favorite.

The Harlequin books are stored together on a separate shelf in the romance section.

The Oversized books are on the middle shelf and are filed by author, however they are intermixed and all different genres.

If you are donating puzzles, please write the date of donation on the back of the puzzle or leave on the desk in the library so we may do so. If you complete a puzzle that has not been dated on the back, please do so. This way we can keep the proper rotation when we donate older ones.

On the desk in the library there are two binders full of movies that have been donated. They are stored in alphabetical order. There are cover sleeves on the window seal for your use. Please return in the return crate and we will refile.

Thank you all for helping the library staff to help things running smoothly.

Kathy Perry, Committee Chairman

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One Response to Library Use Procedures

  1. Donna Dee says:

    I love the TV library. I’ve read quite a number of books from the library. I live in a 55 and better development in Portland, Oregon with over 1500 homes. The library HERE isn’t nearly as well stocked as what’s at Timber Valley. Not in the number of books nor the variety.

    The library is truly an asset for Timber Valley. Treasure it.

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