Penelope Hepworth, In Memoriam

The Timber Valley flag was lowered in honor of Penelope Hepworth, formerly of lot 204, who passed away on October 6, 2023. Robert and Penelope Hepworth purchased their membership in Timber Valley on December 4, 2012. They spent their time in Timber Valley and also in Kent, Washington. Robert passed away July 9, 2017.

Penelope remained at Timber Valley after Robert’s passing. She had many careers over her lifetime. She was a business owner, florist and even a performing clown. She loved her beloved dog (pet), Angus, who recently preceded her in passing. Serving on a committee with Penelope in the early days one was amazed by her intelligence and calmness. Penelope is survived by her daughters, Kristen Bruhahn and Michelle Geddes, both of Washington.

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One Response to Penelope Hepworth, In Memoriam

  1. Rick De Young says:

    To those of us fortunate enough to get to know her, Penelope was a good friend and an excellent cook and dessert maker! She showed her florist’s touch in the way she kept her porch continually decorated with flowers and she loved to spend her days watching the birds who enjoyed her sumptuous bird feeders and the many deer who shared the park adjacent to her beautifully maintained lot. Penelope will be greatly missed by those of us who were fortunate enough to get to know her.

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