Emergency Response

Timber Valley emergency preparation is terrific. During the recent hot days, notices went out via Rainedout to let our residents know that the Clubhouse was available as a cooling center. Hummingbird Lane is a great street to live on. We care for each other, and here is an example of what I am referring to. During the 107 temperature, our Block Captain, Rachael Smithey, and Co-Captain, Dar Hoch, went to each site to see if the resident was okay and if anything was needed. They made sure everyone had the alert on their phone to receive alerts.

–Sharon Elliott #36

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2 Responses to Emergency Response

  1. Joan Larson says:

    Good Grief ! 107 ?? I thought it was hot here in N.C. but not over mid 90’s. Glad I missed it. See you all on Sunday.

  2. Jill Goldman says:

    The block captains and co-captains on Quail Run went door-to-door and made sure that everyone understood which major items in their RVs might cause a power outage (i.e., microwave, electric hot water heater, etc). It made a difference here as well. The block captain system is relatively new, and it is showing itself to be a great idea.

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