Social Hour July 21st

David Smith from Edward Jones Investment and Financial Planning will be our speaker this week at Social Hour. Dave Kinder just opened a new office which is a neighbor to the Post Office. Dave Kinder is a resident of Sutherlin, has been active in our community, and is a former Rotary member. Kinder is happy to have moved his office from Roseburg. Dave Kinder is heading to Ireland for two weeks and has asked David Smith to speak about myths of Social Security, opportunities to grow your investments, and more about financial planning. If you are secure with your income-producing investments, just hearing about the financial health of our country and local area will be interesting. You could relay what you learn to your children.

Last week a group of us gathered during Social Hour and reviewed about six months of speakers we would like to hear from. The selections included: businesses, services, school system, city officials, service clubs, and our members, who will tell us about their hobbies and talents. There will not be a speaker the last week of this month due to the annual meeting and all the fun day activities.

Enjoy some wine and snacks with our great family.

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