Chair Volleyball

Wheelchair volleyball? Not necessarily. Generally just plain ole chairs. A nasty hard volleyball? No. A nice soft squishy beach ball. And a low net. Put six or so folks in those chairs, add the big ball and fun begins. Some return the ball with finesse. I return it in pure self-defense. It’s crazy, fun with lots of laughs. It’s letting your inner child out to play.
We play Sundays at 1 p.m. We’ve lost many of our players to the lure of the south, so we really need YOU. It’s exercise, it’s socializing and it’s getting out of the house during gloomy weather. If you’re not brave enough to try it, at least come and watch and have a few good laughs


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2 Responses to Chair Volleyball

  1. Donna Dee says:

    It really IS a ton of fun and laughs. As we age, we need more movement, especially getting our arms/hands over our heads. I’m looking forward to being back in the park and joining in once again.

  2. Fred Prout says:

    Sounds like fun. See you Sunday.

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