In the wink of an eye, my soul is turning

They start in the seconds between wakefulness and sleep. In the periphery of our dreams. With the gentleness of leaves barely rustling. Increasing slowly to
palm fronds swaying on a tropical beach. Intensifying to gale warnings. Roaring through the streets and avenues of your mind. The crevasses of your mind. Picking up the detritus of past, present and future memories.

     In your hand, in your hand

We are imperfect beings. Some deeply flawed. We have memories of great things we have done. Things that have brought us shame. Words and deeds that have brought laughter and pleasure. Words and deeds that have caused tears. And pain. The night winds (some call them your angels ) pick them
up and deposit them in our consciousness.  Randomly.

     Are you going away with no word of farewell

Some memories are from childhood. And maybe before. Some from many yesterdays ago. Some from yesterdays of tomorrow. The winds are merciless. Uncaring of the hurt or happiness they may bring. Making us face the hurt we caused. The pain inflicted. The laughter given. Many words and deeds wished undone. If only we could.

     Will there be not a trace left behind

Memories fade. They do not disappear. Ever. If it happened, the memory is forever lurking. Waiting for the wind to pick it up and roar through the canyons. Leaving traces. If the us is now a you, will it pick up the many joys of being together, or, the cruel words said from frustration, exhaustion or fear ? Faces from yesterdays or eons past appear briefly. Then flicker and fade.

     I could have loved you better, didn’t mean to be unkind

The night wind is random. Blowing through time. Scattering bits and pieces to the surface of your mind. It watches to see if you understand it’s message. Did you feel happiness. Anger. Pain. The winds will return. Again and again. You can be sure of that. Sometimes the message is plain. Sometimes the interpretation is up to you. Or your angels.

     You know that was the last thing on my mind

Author’s note. At the time of this writing, it has been eighteen months and about fifty pieces since I started this process. I have tried to entertain you. To hopefully touch your funnybone. Your thinker. Your heart. Maybe even your soul. Thanks for your encouragement. Your patience. This piece is for everyone we have loved and lost. Like all my work, it was written just for you!

By Fred Prout
Lyrics by Tom Paxton

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9 Responses to NIGHT WINDS

  1. Val Carano says:

    You said “This piece is for everyone we have loved and lost”. In April Sal’s brother passed. In August my first husband’s sister passed. This past Sunday Sal’s sister passed. As I get older (I’m 81), I am so aware of passing time and I try to remember all the good things and good people I’ve known and loved over the years. After my sister-in-law’s funeral, I will visit Sal’s grave … we will have a nice talk. Thank you Fred. Love, Val

  2. Richard Hickethier says:

    Fred, you said:

    If the us is now a you, will it pick up the many joys of being together, or, the cruel words said from frustration, exhaustion or fear ?

    I could have loved you better, didn’t mean to be unkind

    Thanks for the reminder, you touched my heart.

  3. Jackie Deal says:

    Fred, I haven’t adequate words to express how deeply your message touched me. This is worthy of national acclaim. You have far exceeded the boundaries of Sutherlin/Roseburg. “If the us is now a you”, says it all. Thanks, Fred, for putting our petty grievances in perspective. Jackie

  4. Joan says:

    If this article doesn’t bring tears to a reader’s eyes something’s wrong. You have an amazing gift to be able to write and shar. Than k you.

  5. Kate Bright says:

    Fred! I too was deeply moved by this. I knew you were clever, didn’t know you were so, so amazing!

  6. Eric says:

    In years past there were occasions, (at the time I met you and Rita I was close to such a nadir), when I could have called Marley’s Ghost “Jakey Baby!” and might have apprehensively welcomed the first visit “When the bell tolled One”……but since meeting Deb, “Lo these 19 years ago” I can only shudder at ‘what might have been, and almost was’.

    Thank you for this thread and for all you’ve done.

  7. Stejac says:

    The comments here all will give great reviews as we do. It needs to be published nationally! A wonderful workout art.

    LOVE. Steve & Jackie lot 102

  8. Ruby Bonham Lot 127 says:

    You have really grown as a writer and now seem to be morphing into a philosopher. Good job my friend. What a journey!

  9. Anita C. says:

    Can’t believe you got me on this one. I was already for a smile or punch line, insteadI got a lump in my throat. You should be writing books. Hugs

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