Amber and the Prescription RX

By Jackie Deal

“Just insert the syringe (no needle) into the corner of the cat’s mouth and squirt in the medicine.”

Amber has been prescribed an appetite stimulant one ml. twice a day. There’s no way to camouflage it like you do for a dog. Amber does not like people food, suspicious food, or anything different (that’s not counting lizard tails!). At the moment, Amber has quit eating and drinking and been vomiting. Hence, a hefty vet bill and now RX medicine.

What to do? Google it! I Google my name 3 times a day and the date 5 times a day just to keep them straight. I can Google. Ah So, Google claims it’s easy:
1. Wrap cat in towel to control
2. Turn head toward you
3. Insert syringe into corner of mouth and depress plunger
4. Give treats

Ah Hum! Has anybody cleared this with Amber? Where’s her signed consent form? Amber is the queen of: “I vant to be leff alone”. “Touch me only after completing request form B in triplicate and waiting 24 hours.”

Intrepid, I march forward. Got towel. Med’ in syringe. And T.r.e.a.t.s. Amber hears the Treats rattle and comes running. “Here, Amber, comecome. Treats!” Amber warily grabs the treat, her suspicion index rising. I throw the towel over her in one swift, professional maneuver (after all I was an RN). I wrap her up, turn her and….Swoosh, Squirm, Wiggle. She squirms out of the towel in 2 seconds flat and highly indignant struts across the room. She pirouettes, glares and gives me the evil eye. “Who in the blank, blank do you think you are? How dare you?”

Round one: Amber

We both withdraw to our corners. Amber grooms and I munch a protein bar mulling it over. Am I to be defeated by this little curvaceous fluff ball? (A little more streamlined since her hunger strike.)

**!! IDEA!!** This is an oral medication. She has finally licked at her Gravy Lover’s food. I swipe a few treats, tiptoe to her food dish and inject the medication into her cat food. I slink back to my corner. Amber glares and I eat a candy bar waiting for Round Two. At least one of us is eating.

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2 Responses to Amber and the Prescription RX

  1. Fred Prout says:

    Jackie I love the story. But, I understand the frustration and the concern. I hope she gets better.

  2. Kathy Perry says:

    Always love your stories Jackie

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