How long have we talked “Community Garden”? Old Timers will tell you, “Forever”. And nothing has been done. But now we have an energized, organized group that is actually doing something! They got Board approval as a Committee, which was later rescinded. And now it seems they‘re getting a little bit less than cooperation.
Undaunted, they’re continuing as a “group”, they’ve raised an amazing amount of money and pledges. They have started compost piles. They’ve researched and traveled to Master Gardener presentations. They KNOW what they’re doing. And not only Timber Valleyites are cooperating but Star Bucks is providing coffee grounds and Tim’s Tree House has been extremely helpful. So why are some opposing them?
Well, it seems “The gardens won’t be for everyone.” Pardon me! But we have a dog park that’s not used by everyone. We have pool tables and games not used by everyone. Not to begrudge those who use them but the argument seems a little hypocritical.
Location? About 5 sites were studied and the most desirable seems to be on the old “golf course” next to the dog run. “Oh My Goodness, that wouldn’t look good to people coming into the park.” The dog run is super attractive? And the garbage cans certainly add to the ambiance. A raised garden in containers with vegetables and flowers certainly sounds more attractive than anything else. (The “group” is amenable to other sites.)
Gardening can be a social activity (and we need those after Covid). Gardening is physically rewarding. Gardening actually produces high quality edible food that will be shared by all. Face it, it’s just plain good for you!
Your help is needed. There’s a special Board meeting called just to consider IF there will be a Community Garden: Wednesday, June 8, at 10 a.m. Come one, come all.

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  1. Rick De Young says:

    Good on you. We ae a co-op, not a socialist community. Every activity cannot and should not benefit everyone of us. Although my health may keep me from participating, there are plenty of our SKP members who are willing, and should be allowed to use a small portion of our park to enjoy activities they enjoy.

  2. John R Davidowski Lot 57 says:

    Please convey this to the board:
    When people want to create a positive environment where all could benefit it should be allowed. As one person mentioned: Our little community IS NOT and I repeat IS NOT a socialist community! It is a community of AMERICANS who live together as one and who are not to be dictated by a few. A similar situation occurred years back where the few tried to take over our community but failed! Most of them packed up and left.. Let’s not have this happen again. A community garden is a very positive link on keeping our little space of the earth wholesome and peaceful place to live. I VOTE TO CREATE A COMMUNITY GARDEN

  3. Steve Jones. Lot 102 says:

    It doesn’t sound like we would raise our lot fees any!! And good healthy fun, yes it will look ” radish; ing to ariving guest

  4. Barbara and Jeff Russell #129 says:

    Yes to the garden and yes to the location! This seems like a natural for the park.
    Thanks Jackie for another good article.

  5. Jackie Deal says:

    Sheesh! I didn’t expect to stir up a whole political conundrum! I just wanted a few spare tomatoes and maybe a carrot or two!

  6. Ann David lot 186 says:

    Yes to a community garden. Nothing much more peaceful than a plush organic garden, with beautiful companion flowers for your soul.

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