Lunch Is Served and More

By Jackie Deal

Thursdays Home from an exhausting physical therapy: tired, depleted and hungry. And what did I find waiting for me? A wonderful “Meals on Wheels” dinner: beef tacos, corn salsa, refried beans and to top it off a delicious sugar cookie. Douglas County provides Meals on Wheels on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday with lunches (dinners) at the Senior Center.

Before we talk more about food let’s get a few things straight that surprised me. Sutherlin Senior Center is the only one in Douglas County that is owned by the members; it is not owned by the county. The county rents space from the center for their meals. The Senior Center has a large pool room, a library and a boutique where everything is $1.00. Bingo every Monday at 1 pm and Thursday at 6pm (open one hour before that.) $22 covers everything. To become a member you must be over 55 and it cost $1. 00, yes, one whole dollar! Both the Senior Center and the county “Meals on Wheels” welcome volunteers.

The Senior Center and the county are working hard to rebuild “community” A.C. (After Covid). They’ve renamed the dining program “Bistro 60 Sutherlin”. Table cloths! Real china! Coffee service! Table delivery of meals! And MUSIC! Every Thursday and some Tuesdays and Fridays: live music. Our own Ron Thomas sings and plays every third Thursday (and maybe more if we’re lucky).

Dining is for 60+ and is only $3.50. ONLY $3.50! Tell me where you can get unlimited coffee, a full meal and desert for only $3:50. It just ain’t possible. So try it: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Door opens at 11 am. Serving starts at 11:30 The Senior Center (if you’re from Outer Mongolia) shares the parking lot behind the library on Central Avenue.

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  1. Rajeana #115 says:

    I love hearing about this. Thank you

  2. Sharon Elliott #36 says:

    Jackie good report. Please make sure the Sr Center knows this was published.

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