Guest Writer In The Sty

Or, Perfect Pen Pals. Or, The Promised Pigs.

Interpreted by Fred Prout 

I am Paulina Porkiskova. I am a pig. Sometimes people use that word in a negative way. I am a proud pig. Since I can’t use a pencil, my story is told by my very good friend. My guest.

Hopefully, you remember me as the Prima Ballerina in Swine Lake. I am very proud of that production.
My friend has told me a few things about his society. It doesn’t sound too different from ours. Our society has leaders. Some look out for the best interests of the passel. Some don’t. Some try to get control of the sty by driving us apart.

They know we are stronger united, so they try to divide us for their personal gain. Some of the pigs care nothing about the community and refuse to do anything that will benefit the group. They are selfish pigs.

Please say hello to Prentice Pig. He is our president. He is responsible for helping set the rules for our society. He is a very powerful pig. This is Powell Pig. He makes sure our stores are well stocked and we have ample provisions. He also provides protection from Ponzi Pig. Ponzi Pig has tried to use greed to enrich himself to the peril of the passel. Ponzi Pig gave us all a bad name. We also have pigs who try to take more than their share. Please don’t be offended, but, we call them people. Ironic, no?

I, Paulina Porkiskova, am a proud pig. I am also a great ballerina, and, one who tries to do my best. We have been taught that if we try to do our best for every pig, all of our lives will be better. I hope you have learned from this interview.

“Thank you Paulina, this will be a practically perfect post. I hope you stay good.

Or well.”


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5 Responses to Guest Writer In The Sty

  1. Jackie Jones Lot 102 says:

    Great story Fred.

  2. Eric says:

    “All dancers are equal, but some Porcine dancers are certainly more equal than others.”

  3. Kate Bright says:

    Love it❣️

  4. Arvilla says:

    As Porky Pig would say: “That’s all folks!”

  5. anta c. says:

    Great as always

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