Kitchen Stove & Oven

The gas has been turned off to this appliance. We have had members tell us about smelling propane in the area. When we are ready to start using the kitchen and stove again, it will be inspected and the gas turned back on.

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6 Responses to Kitchen Stove & Oven

  1. Sue & Skip says:

    How can you smell propane when the stove doesn’t operate off propane? The connection I belive is natural gas. I think years ago it was operated by propane but was changed over. Some of the members who have been here a long, long time would have knowledge of the change over.

  2. Steve Jones says:

    Good, it’s got huge pilot lites and waste a lot of propane and is a health hazard. Thank you

  3. John Davidowski (Ski) Lot 57 (when I'm there) says:

    Does this stove have pilot lights? If so, is they go out propane is still being emitted from them causing a propane smell. Looking at the vintage of the stove I would say yes it does have pilot lights and they were extinguished causing the smell.

  4. George Reel says:

    Last time gas was smelled it turned out to be sewer gas. The floor drain trap was dry allowing sewer frames to seep into the clubhouse. Try pouring water Into the drain. Also in both restrooms.

  5. Donna Dee #44 says:

    Both propane and natural gas have mercaptan added to give it its distinctive “rotten egg” smell.

    Doesn’t really matter which it is, if someone can “smell” the gas, it was good it was shut off until inspected and/or repaired.

    • Sue Eytalis says:

      I agree about the smell but it has been reported to the park manager for several years and always turned out to be nothing. It is important to have it checked again. We went to visit a relative once and smelled rotten eggs as soon as we stepped out of the car. Called gas company and it turned out to be an underground gas leak at their neighbors. Gas company and the neighbors were thankful that Skip called.

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