A Tree Grows in Timber Valley!

A great time was had by all – thanks to everyone who participated in decorating the Clubhouse!

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3 Responses to A Tree Grows in Timber Valley!

  1. George Reel says:

    A big thank you for helping the tree grow. It is a great reminder to why we celebrate at this time of year. Also a thanks for the ones who placed the lights on the clubhouse. Let us not forget one of the reasons for the tree is a place to store the gifts we give to the children till the fire department picks them up and place’s in the hands of grateful kids Thanks again.
    God bless.

  2. REggie #115 says:

    Chris and I saw all the decorations at night while walking our pet, Emma. The Club House looks so bright and festive. Thank you to those that did such a great job, it looks terrific!

  3. Suzi Rupert says:

    Love seeing your smiling faces. Good job on the decorating.

    Love to see the volunteers. Wish others would volunteer and experience the joy and new found friendships that come from volunteering.

    Suzi Rupert

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