There’s Gonna Be Some Changes Made

by Jackie Deal

Yeah, I’ve already started some of those changes. I’ve moved the kitty’s litter box! What? you ask. Why? Well, it’s like this: I have arthritis in both hips! Bending over, reaching around the foot of the bed to clean the litter box is a —rhymes with witch!

Now, cats don’t like changes (so I’m told) especially to their litter boxes. Think about it: you rush into the bathroom and there’s no toilet! How would you feel?

ASAP. I’m going to have bilateral hip arthroplasty. In every-day-speak that’s both hips are going to be replaced. Hip replacement, so they tell me, is the easiest of the common joint replacements. Easy? We’ll see. In the meantime I’m trying to make some beneficial changes; be pro-active, as they say. (BTW, who’s this “they” we’re always quoting?)

Bending over is supposed to be a no-no. Hence, the repositioning of the litter box. However, to clean the litter box without bending? I’d have to put the thing up on a stool. Do you think Amber (my cat) would go for that? That reminds me of a tourist attraction in a small mountain village in, I believe, Canada. The original privy on the mountain side hung out about 20 feet above the creek. Yes, the original no flush, direct deposit toilet!

But back to the changes we’ve got to make. No bending at the hip beyond 90 degrees. For those of us mathematically challenged that’s like the angle of the letter L. When you put your socks and shoes on, check the angle. Uh huh, more than 90. Okay, I can go sockless even though I hate the squishy feeling of sweaty feet bare-naked in shoes. However, it’s winter so maybe it won’t be too bad. Not squishy, just cold. And backless clog-like shoes? I’ve never worn them, always afraid I’d fall out. Time to try them.

Driving a car? Not for a while. Talk about being grounded. Might as well pluck the wings off a fly. The biggest change? I’m giving up “snow birding”. Forever more I shall be an Oregonian. (Pass the Kleenex) I’ve loved being an AZ-oregonian. Six months here, six months there. But the time has come. It’s called “life transitions” or “phases of change”. We all go through them: willingly or fighting and kicking, gracefully or bullishly. And while each phase appears formidable: life moves on. According to the Chinese proverb “Don’t push the river, it flows by itself.” In other words, the river flows on and so must you.

To paraphrase slightly:
“I’m gonna change my way of livin’
Change the way I strut my stuff.
There’ll be some changes made today.”

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6 Responses to There’s Gonna Be Some Changes Made

  1. Fred says:

    Jackie thanks for making us privy to your litter box problem. It seems like you may need a stool stool for Amber. I am flush with excitement with the prospect of you staying local. There have been examples of kitties learning how to use a people’s toilet. Cats are very adaptable. Just ask one. Of course you may have to make a schedule for use that you both agree to. I’m sure it will take fewer than turdy days to figure it out. If you need rides etc, let me know.

  2. Suzanne & John Budovec says:

    Good luck to you Jackie. Sending good vibes & prayers for successful operations & the speediest of recoveries! You’ve got this!

  3. Karen R says:

    I love your creative writings. You’ve got what it takes to transition and can inspire others on how to roll with it. We wish you a successful surgery and complete healing.

  4. Reggie says:

    Wishing you the best Jackie, God Speed.
    Reggie #115

  5. Kathy Perry says:

    Jackie, you always put things in perspective. Be sure to do exactually what your are told. My husband had to have his redone because he did not need instructions. No fun. Wishing you speedy recovery.

  6. Ruby Bonham Lot 127 says:

    I had a litterbox on a card like table because dogs love poopsicles. Shan had no problem jumping up. If Amber can jump on the cabinet, she can jump to the litterbox and much easier on you. Although it go against your temperament – mind your doctor!

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