Two Years Later

by Fred Prout

September 26th will mark the two year anniversary of our physical move from Timber Valley. I say physical move because mentally, emotionally, and spiritually we never left. We moved because…

I keep trying to answer that. I have never been a particular believer in “The unseen hand ,” “ Fate “, “ Divine intervention “ or any other religious philosophy.
But, move we did. We had in mind that Rita needed to be in a place where she would be taken care of if something happened to me. She had survived many illnesses including breast cancer. I have often wondered if we somehow “ knew she  would be diagnosed with another illness within a week of moving. Did we get some help making the decision? 
She fought hard and died peacefully. She made the world better for all who knew her. I am a better person for having loved her.
A couple of friends have made comments like “ I wish you still lived here.” Well, in the strictest sense, we never really believed that we lived at Timber Valley. We considered it a privilege to be a part of Timber Valley. For many years we joined with you to help make Timber Valley a special place. I understand that some members have chosen not to participate in the many opportunities to be a part of this great organization. I feel bad for you because you are missing that feeling of belonging that Rita and I had. If it weren’t for the dreadful pandemic, I would be there with you to help. But, you know I am with you in spirit.
Don’t get me wrong, Linus Oakes is a very nice place too. The staff is fantastic and I have made many friends. Considering my current needs, it is the right place for me to be. It only has one drawback. I am a resident. I live here. Perhaps if we never had an opportunity to be a part of something, we would have never known the difference.
PS. I just re-read this piece and it’s a little too somber. Sooooo…..
Q: What did the vulture say to his vegan male offspring?
A:  Carrion, my wayward son.

Fred Prout
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4 Responses to Two Years Later

  1. Valerie Carano says:

    As you said …”a little somber” but, as always … your stories are pure, honest and always from the heart. I love reading them.
    Love, Val

  2. Edith Vondall says:

    I understand as this house is just a place to have flowers to keep me busy. I would like to be back on the road with all our old friends. Most are off the road too but I remember all the fun and memories.

  3. Eric says:

    Reaffirmation that where you ‘live’ is not necessarily/simply where you are physically situated, it mainly revolves around who shares the space in your mind where ‘you’ are, even if the other party no longer possesses full tactility.

    Fred & Rita are among the lucky ones, as are Deb & I – there’s pain, Fred’s got it, I (along with a zillion others), have had it, now I don’t, but the specter, like Fred’s vulture, is always waiting.

    Keep on truckin’, Fred.

  4. Jackie Jones. Lot #102 says:

    Great as always Fred. Hugs from all the Jones

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