Looking for a place to fulfill your co-op responsibilities? Please consider joining the Landscape  Committee. If you weren’t able to sign up at the Annual Meeting, this is your personal  invitation to become part of this dedicated team. You’ll have a chance to meet your neighbors  and have a great time making a difference! 

We are so proud of the work this group does to keep our park looking beautiful. Unfortunately,  the number of volunteers willing and able to help out has really dwindled. We are currently  without a leader to direct the landscape projects and regular Friday morning work parties were  cancelled the last few weeks. Our Park Manager has assumed the leadership temporarily and  will plan Friday work parties. If you would like to participate in park beautification, just show up  at the landscape shed in the storage area Friday mornings at 9:00 a.m.  

The landscape committee met on Friday morning to pick up apples accumulated in the green  belt areas that were drawing ants, bees and critters. It’s fun to watch the deer and turkeys nibble on the fruit but bears will be out foraging soon and we don’t want to see them up close and personal. This wasn’t a big project but it was an important one. With Fall approaching, we  will have trees to trim, leaves to pick up and weed eating to do once Red Flag warnings end. 

 If you have any questions give me a call. Otherwise, look forward to seeing some new faces. 

Bev Boykin lot #87, Liaison  


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2 Responses to HELP WANTED

  1. Fred says:

    Timber Valley is a beautiful place. Many people had a lot of fun making that happen. Hopefully it will stay that way.

  2. Suzi Rupert says:

    It was a welcome site to see around 10 folks show up to volunteer their time for Timber Valley this past Friday. Thank you all. It was fun picking up applies with you. It only took about 15 minutes to take care of the apples.

    Let’s keep this rolling!!!

    Assistant Landscape Liaison

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