Three Coins on the Dresser

by Fred Prout

Well, August 25th rolled around, and my insides are still not put back together.
Bummer! As I was walking Kelly that morning, a nurse crossed the street in front of me. “Good morning, rough night?“ “Yes“. As tired as she was, she stooped down to pet Kelly and we exchanged pleasantries.

Coincidentally, I had made a suggestion earlier that morning, and decided to listen to my own wisdom. Pay a little less attention to my own inconvenience and look around at people struggling and exhausted.

So, off to Costco. I bought three packages of cinnamon rolls and delivered them to the ER. A national guardsman came outside and gratefully accepted them for
the staff. “Thank you “ I said. Thank you I meant. On many levels.

Never believe it when you hear that one person can’t make a difference. An
exhausted ER nurse was responsible for, who knows how many smiles on an otherwise awful day.

Where does the title of this piece enter the picture? Good question.

The total cost of helping a bunch of really deserving people have a better day:
$24.97 . I had a better day too. Conversely, my deductible for a mental health
visit would have been $25.00. Those three pennies are on my dresser to remind me that I can put aside life’s little bumps, and do something positive and maybe make a difference.

So, how about we put aside the us vs them attitude, and try us helping them.
I plan on making periodic “Thank you “ visits with much appreciated goodies.
Maybe you can try it too. I guarantee it will improve your day. And if you do, I’m
a two minute walk up the hill. I would love to see all of you.

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11 Responses to Three Coins on the Dresser

  1. Terry says:

    Today. I will put me aside and there will be 3 pennies on my dresser. As always you gave me a smile put life in perspective and shared your wisdom and inspiration. Thank you my dear friend. Many blessings

  2. Jackie Deal says:

    Fred, you leave me speechless. (And that’s really something!) How many Escapees will join “Three Coins “? I’m still in quarantine but next week I’ll try to show my appreciation for what Mercy hospital staff are doing. They’re putting their,and their loved ones,lives in danger to care for people they don’t even know. People who may never say thanks. Let’s us say thanks.

  3. Eric says:

    Another great one Fred…..all you need now is the Trevi Fountain and a backup group.

    Well done.

  4. Kate Bright says:

    Oh yes! I am going to put 3 coins on my windowsill to remind me of this—and then follow through on it. What a great idea!

  5. Shea Rodriguez says:

    Thank you, Fred, for putting a smile on my face this morning. I’m going to ante up my 3 pennies. Shea

  6. Ken Knowles says:

    Great Idea Fred. We will purpose to follow your example. Very positive uplifting. THANK YOU.

  7. Steve Jones lot 102 says:

    You have always been an inspiration for my(and others) mentality ❤ thanks Fred

  8. Edith Vondall says:

    You always have good thoughts and good Ideas. May good things come to you also.

  9. Anita C, says:

    Here’s my three cents worth. You are the bestus and big hugs to you

  10. Gwen says:

    Oh Fred….we have big shoes to walk in. What a wonderful expression of giving and building up. Here’s my 3 cents.

  11. Val Carano says:

    Fred … You are a beautiful person … You prove it with every story.

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