by Fred Prout

U-turns are done when you suddenly realize you screwed up big time. You are in the middle of an “Oh S*$t” moment and need to change course quickly. Very quickly. We’ve all had them, we’ve all survived them and we all remember them.

Rita and I made many great friends in our travels and we treasure each and every one of you. This story is told because one of those wonderful people can use a lift. So… an adventure with Mikey and Edith.

We met in Lake Havasu and quickly became fast friends. Mikey was a little rough around the edges, but Edith had enough class for both. She was responsible for Rita learning how to do beautiful bead work. Swarovski crystals. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc.

I looked up to Mikey because of his background. He escaped the awful poverty of the Ojibwa reservation in North Dakota. He studied and worked hard to become a master electrician. It was this work that made him familiar with just about all of the area around the Colorado river.

We took many trips together. One of which I don’t think many of you have taken.
We had to get a special pass from the Peach Springs reservation in order to go four wheeling down a rock strewn path to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. We bounced and jounced our way to the Colorado River. It was amazing. We had been to the top of the canyon, now we were at the bottom.

Another trip we took was back roads somewhere on isolated nowhere. Nothing there, but we loved every bit of it. Suddenly, Edith shrieked, “ STOP THE CAR !”
She had seen a roadkill porkypine and wanted the quills for an art project.

U-turn. Stop the car, get out, get the quills, get in the car, start moving, open the windows to get rid of the stench of rotting porkypine quills, toss them out of the window and start laughing like idiots. Another great idea shot to hell.

Rita and I accumulated many miles together, but somehow the trips with Mikey and Edith were always special.

Edith, maybe it seems that Mikey is no longer with us, but the two of you had a profound impact on everyone who knew you. Because of the fantastic memories you created, he is still very much with us.

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7 Responses to U-Turns

  1. Suzanne Budovec #123 says:

    Special memories! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kathy Perry says:

    Fred, we always enjoy your posts.

  3. Marina J says:

    Fred, I would go on a road trip with you any day. Keep living life to the fullest with all your special guardian angels watching over you.

  4. Edith says:

    Thanks for the memory and you do it beautifully.

  5. Eric says:

    Trips that evolve into a comedy of errors, whether big or small, are the ones that tales are made of…….those of the “We went there and then came back” ilk are quickly forgotten, while hysterical laughter and/or “You’re not going to BELIEVE what happened next” stories can be (and are) repeated ad infinitum.

    Keep ’em coming Fred!

  6. Walter Quigley says:

    Fred: That reminds me of the movie “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”. We are all positionally in another place, it’s a good place. We must put in our time and live the physical experience, here, before we’re allowed to move on to where we really are…..with God. We’re all standing in the line, at the train station and holding our ticket in hand. We will board and He will punch it, not to worry. We will know each other, there, by our Spirits. I apologize for getting off point. Keep up the great stories Fred. Waltah

  7. Val Carano says:

    Fred … you moved me to tears … again.
    Love, Val

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