Covid Emergency Cancelled by the Board – Normalcy Expands

From the Governor of the State of Oregon:

On June 25, Governor Kate Brown signed an executive order that will eliminate Oregon’s County Risk Level framework and all remaining COVID-19 health and safety restrictions that have been issued under Oregon’s emergency statutes once 70% of Oregon’s adults residents are vaccinated against COVID-19 or by June 30 — whichever comes first.

Today, the Board officially cancelled the Park’s Covid pandemic state of emergency that has been in effect since March 20th of last year. This action is effective 12:01am June 30th 2021.  All Covid related restrictions are therefore rescinded with the following exceptions: the signup reservation system for the laundry room is still in effect until the annual meeting on July 20th when the entire membership can vote on it. Also, there will be a posted limit on the number of people permitted in the office and mailroom.

This action also means we can have a normal annual membership meeting, complete with lunch, on July 20th.  Stay tuned for details.

While many of us welcome this news and the return of more normal conditions, please be respectful of those who will still choose to social distance, minimize contact with others, and wear a face mask. Not everyone is able to get vaccinated, and it’s important that everyone is accommodated respectfully as we expand our new freedoms.

Thanks to everyone for your understanding and forbearance during the last 15 month.

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2 Responses to Covid Emergency Cancelled by the Board – Normalcy Expands

  1. ananimous says:

    Yes, Yes & Yippee!

  2. jackie Deal says:

    We owe thanks to all who put selfish interests aside and co-operated for the good of all. We did it! We did it together so let’s all celebrate together! Jackie

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