It’s Going to Get HOT!!

Saturday and Sunday are predicted to be 100 plus degrees! Some of us will be tempted to turn on two air conditioners. That is not a good idea as we will be stressing our electrical system as it is. When a distribution circuit breaker trips, several units will be without power for some time. We will have to call Randy in to reset them and he may have to wait for the breaker to cool before it can be reset. Remember, our Park rules allow only ONE air conditioner to be run at any one time.

Here’s a tip:  Use the coolness of the night to chill down your home by leaving your windows open as you sleep. When you wake and the sun rises, close all windows to keep the cool in and the rising heat out.  Then, start your A/C when it’s still relatively cool inside to get a jump on the heat. Don’t wait for it to get hot. RV A/C units are better at keeping up than catching up.

Stay hydrated and check on your neighbors.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good article. Someone needs to communicate that info to the renters also. That is if they haven’t already been told.

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