Heroes, Part 2

Hi Laura.

You don’t remember me, but our lives intersected for about half an hour the night of May the fourth.

I was in ICU, coming out of anasthesia, lying on my back scared witless. I was looking around at strange creatures, in strange dress, walking around strange machines. The combination of all this and the surgical trauma had me spooked. No, let’s say terrified.

Somehow you sensed my panic, and came over to talk me down the wall. I remember we talked about my life, our RV adventures and just things. You stayed with me until I was okay. I appreciated that more than you can ever know. The fact that I remembered your name after all I went through should give you an idea of the impression you made.

I know you think you were just doing your job. No! You were being a hero for that thirty minutes, and way beyond. The future years of my life will be forever brightened by that thirty minutes.

Thank you.

Laura, and all of you heroes, don’t ever think you don’t make a difference.

You do.


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4 Responses to Heroes, Part 2

  1. Sandy Brock says:

    Thank God you were okay and thank God for our heroes!

  2. Eric says:

    Oftentimes, (in fact most often), heroes don’t think, or recognize that they are heroes……and would likely say “Who, me?”

    To all of them: “Yes, you!”

  3. jackie Deal says:

    Thanks Fred, you make me proud to have been a nurse and yes, I was caring nurse in spite of what some people may think of me now! And I remember waking up from anesthesia and forcing my way up through ice bergs trying to reach the surface. Hats off to all the Lauras who work under terrible hardships now with all the pandemic requirements.

  4. Jackie Jones Lot # 102 says:

    Great story Fred, I myself can relate to what you went through. Yes I totally agree that nurses are real heroes. Healing prayers for you. Hugs to you and Kelly

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