Clubhouse Use Guidelines from the Board

Due to recent improvement in the number of new Covid-19 cases in Douglas County, this is an update and clarification of guidelines for the use of the Clubhouse as of this date.

–> The Clubhouse remains closed for all social activities.

* This closure does not include the Laundry Room.

* Masked individuals may enter the Clubhouse to purchase beverages, an ice cream and may use the Library and Restrooms.

–> Current Standing Committees may hold “in-person” meetings under the following rules:

#1) Clubhouse is open to committee meetings of standing sub and ad-hoc committees.
#2) Meetings must be held in the main meeting room.
#3) Strict social distancing must be practiced at all times.
#4) Masks must be worn be everyone present.
#5) Maximum of 23 participants in meeting room.
#6) A social distancing monitor must be appointed and named in the committee minutes.
#7) The person calling the meeting is responsible for area sanitation at the close of meeting.
#8) If microphones are required, the Sound Crew must be notified ahead of time.

Check with the office if you have any questions.

If we stay vigilant and new cases continue to drop, and with a little luck, we may see further improvement as more of our population is vaccinated.  We all look forward to an easing of restrictions as Spring turns to Summer.

Thank You for your Efforts!

The Board

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4 Responses to Clubhouse Use Guidelines from the Board

  1. Valerie Knowles says:

    Hopefully, those of us who have been vaccinated will soon be able to resume social activities. If not, what’s the point.

  2. Cathy #6 says:

    I also agree.

  3. Roxie Fitch says:

    Even the President says we can socialize,give hugs,shake hands without masks if we are vaccinated
    but we can’t have coffee

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