by Ruby Bonham

When we look at our world today the words that most often come to mind are: Chaos, Horror, Hopelessness, Fear, Anger, Pandemic. Of all these words Fear is the root that triggers the rest. Fear of the unknown, fear of being out of control and fear of a pandemic that we neither saw coming nor know how to cope with. Anger at people of different colors, anger at being asked to wear a mask, anger taken out on others to hide their own fear. Hopelessness at jobs lost, homes lost and lives lost. Chaos results from misinformation that leads to man turning on man in an eruption of violence. Our TV’s tell us hour after hour, day after day and month after month of the horrors that surround us. Listen and you will hear the sound of tears and unbearable grief around the world of the ones left behind, who could not have imagined for a moment this state of sorrow. Where will it end?

There are many things in life, and always have been, of which we have no control. What we do have are choices of how we react to them. We can choose from the emotions above or we can choose, Compassion, Helpfulness, Support, Good Deeds and Love. Our health care workers and hospital staff are exhausted and emotionally depleted by what they see and experience every day and yet they move on to the next patient and the next. They do everything in their power to save each one and when that isn’t possible they hold them and love them and ease them into the next life. They choose to do these things at great cost to themselves and their families. Store employees go to work each day to insure that we have food and necessities for our health and well being. School children create businesses to give to those less fortunate than themselves. People wear masks and distance to not only keep themselves safe but to protect perfect strangers that they might meet along their way. Choices: Positive or Negative?

Words and thoughts are very powerful. They can hurt or heal. Although it doesn’t seem possible right now, good will come out of this time in history. If you are unable to physically help then use your power of words and thoughts to strengthen our Nation. See the disruptors as fearful little children and send them love not anger or retaliation. Words and thoughts are powerful; choose the right ones.

Ruby Bonham

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6 Responses to CHOICES

  1. Judy Garcia #170 says:

    Beautifully said. Thank you.

  2. Richard Hickethier AWL 108 says:

    When faced with the choice of being either right or kind, always choose kindness.

  3. Fred says:

    Ruby, this is powerful. I just hope everyone takes a little something from these words and uses it to make a better world. You gave us the thought, we need to follow through.

  4. Thank you Ruby, for choosing to share these words with us.

  5. Steve Jones says:

    Another good one ruby,we’ll try to keep this thought!

  6. jackie Deal says:

    Ruby, you have had your “trials by fire” and emerged the better for it. Your wisdom and compassion benefit all of us. Quartzsite’s loss has been Timber Valley’s gain. We’re so proud to call you “neighbor”.(and I’m so proud to call you friend.)

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