What’s a word meaning a step less than orgasmic? That’s how I describe the experience I had the other day.

Imagine this…. You are lying on an oversized recliner covered with a thick warm blanket. In your hands you are holding a hot rock and behind your neck is a warm support. The room is dark and there is spa music playing. Only your feet are exposed and ready for an experience. Then the magic happens. The master, or mistress of all that’s good, begins in this case, to touch your soles. As she presses and massages you may have twinges of discomfort and as you report this or flinch she will ask you if you have problems with areas on or in your body. In my case she identified my back and shoulder problems.

I have a background in western allopathic medicine and have had doubts about eastern remedies and homeopathic approaches to healthcare. I returned home feeling pretty relaxed. The morning afterward I was aware that when I stood up straight, I had no back pain. As I lifted weights my shoulders did not cry out in agony. I have made another appointment and plan to go back regularly.

Another resident in Timber Valley has taken advantage of this treatment on a regular basis. (I hope Norm does not take issue with my unmasking him). This article is not an advertisement for a business in town however if you might be interested in the same experience I just shared I would be glad to give you information where right here in town is available.

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  1. Fred says:

    Sharon,thanks for the information. Us oldsters need to keep up with how to deal with our aches and pains. It sounds like this business is not a mega corporation but a sole practitioner.

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