** From Monday’s Covid Board Meeting **

The Board is announcing that a survey will be placed in each Leaseholder’s mailbox concerning holding a Park sponsored Covid vaccination clinic at our first opportunity.

We need a count on how many Leaseholders would be interested in receiving the Covid vaccination, and if you’re in the “over 75 years of age” risk group.

Please respond to the survey by completing it and immediately returning it to the office by closing time on Friday, January 15th

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6 Responses to ** From Monday’s Covid Board Meeting **

  1. Bonnie Wigle says:

    Yes of course I would like the vaccine.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes definitly! G Lister #24 -be 90 yrs 3/6

  3. Nick Palmer says:

    Yes, both Thelma & Nick would like the vaccine.

  4. Regina Getis says:

    We filled out the form with two affirmatives and dropped the form off at the park mail. didn’t leave our names on the form, but it’s a yes for Barry and Regina.

  5. Dick and Melinda says:

    We are renters , but #39 on the list and we would want vaccines. Dick and Melinda site 58

  6. Jim says:

    We’re renters, but want vaccines (this would certainly be a good way to get them if possible). We’re one over 75 and one under 75. Jim and Julie, now in #175.

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